Supply Chain & Logistics Project Management Services

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Supply Network Studies
Industrial cargo port for freight transport
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Set-up
supply chain technology
Supply Chain Technology Integration
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Go-To-Market Model Studies
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Distribution Center Set-Up
HS classification training, trade compliance training
Corporate Compliance Training
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Incoterms® Training & Consultancy
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Customs Audits
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Globalior’s experts can provide project management services over a wide scope of supply chain and logistics-related activities, such as:

  • New Distribution Center set-up
  • End-to-End Supply Chain set-up
  • New Importer set-up
  • Sales & Operations Planning Capability set-up
  • Vendor Management & KPI set-up
  • Standard Operating Procedures set-up
  • Go-To-Market Channel studies
  • Supply network studies
  • Mock Customs/Import/Export audits
  • Good Distributor Practices (GDP) audits
  • HS/Tariff Classification review
  • Corporate Training (INCOTERMS®, Export Controls, Customs valuation, Customs documentation, etc.,)
  • Many more, reach out to us for a confidential discussion today.


Why work with Globalior Project Management?

When you work with Globalior, we will provide you with a project management team tailored for your needs, instead of simply assigning a project to the next project manager waiting in line. It is our top priority to support you with a project manager with real-world experience relevant to the work that needs to be completed.

Why use a project manager?

Hiring a project manager is a good option in many scenarios, such as:

  1. When the project is short to mid-term in nature with no requirement for a full-time headcount in the long term
  2. When a high level of expertise or particular skill set is required for a specific duration of time
  3. When the project is complex, and the organization does not have an available project leader to take the lead
  4. When an unbiased & neutral project leader is required for effective decision making
  5. When the organization is highly matrix, and internal functions cannot effectively lead a project
  6. To keep project costs suppressed and cost expenditure effective

How do we work?

You can expect pre-engagement discussions to be intensive for us to identify all your needs correctly. Generally speaking, pre-engagement discussions with Globalior associates are free of charge and non-obligatory. At this stage, if you also want to discuss any matters with professionals of specific profile backgrounds, we can make these arrangements. Thereafter, we will propose a solution that details the scope of work to be completed, in addition to the roles, responsibilities & accountabilities of all parties and progress milestones. We will also introduce the project manager who will lead your project to completion.

If you are unsure about whether you need a project manager or not, feel free to reach out to us for a confidential discussion today!