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Free HS Classification Advisory

We offer 100% FREE HS Classification advisory (not legal advice). To-date we have shared our opinion on thousands of classifications. Do note, however, since Globalior is essentially a not-for-profit organization, we have limitations on how many requests we can handle a day.

Free Trade Consulation Advisory

We also offer 100% FREE general trade consultation (not legal advice). If you have a general question about Free Trade Agreements, HS Classification, Transfer Pricing, Incoterms, freight or just about anything supply chain and logistics related, just reach out!

Incoterms® 2020 Course

With the close support of expert partners, we have developed a course on Incoterms® 2020. This course covers the fundamentals, some intermediate concepts and includes 10 mini-case studies all designed to accelerate your learning of the Incoterms. 

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Thank you for the helping hand! We were struggling when we lost our supply chain manager to a competitor in the midst of the pandemic but your advice and resources proved invaluable to help us make right decisions!
Donna Albert
Small Business Owner
I never knew what a tariff ruling was and we struggled so much with getting HS codes correct for years on end. We apply for rulings for almost all our imported and exorted products now and we can all sleep peacefully at night.
Sonny Dover
Supply Chain Executive
We re-did all our sales contracts immediately after watching the Incoterms course and things just make so much more sense now. Your team's gracious support helped us tremendously in a trying time. Thank you.
Judoy Greg
Tax Administration Executive

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