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Risks of using DAP Incoterm

DAP Incoterm is a term used to describe a buy-sell arrangement where goods are delivered to a specific location, also known as the "named place". DAP is an acronym for "Delivered at Place." Delivery methods vary depending on the type of goods being delivered and the geographic location of the ...
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What does consignee mean?

When goods are traded internationally, the parties involved in the transaction must decide on the goods’ terms of sale. This can include information on the goods, the price, the date, and the location of the goods. In international trade, the consignee is the person or company who is the recipient ...
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A Brief Introduction: Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a document that is issued to a person or a company acknowledging the receipt of goods from a carrier. The bill of lading is used to show that the goods have been received and the shipper has accepted the risk of the goods during transit ...
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