Globalior is maintained by a small team of expert global trade compliance professionals. The collective knowledge of all contributors includes mastery in trade compliance concepts in areas of tariff classification, Customs valuation, Free Trade Agreements, transfer pricing, supply chain vendor selection, vendor management, Customs audit readiness, Incoterms®, special Customs programs, export controls and industry-specific regulatory expertise.

Globalior aims to be the primary resource for trade compliance professionals and non-trade compliance professionals looking for practical guidance and knowledge in maintaining compliance in cross border activities.

Globalior does not provide commercial compliance consultations.

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Optimize supply chain performance in healthcare

Logisticians often seek to improve supply chain performance and efficiency to increase productivity and provide a better competitive advantage for their business. Optimizing the supply chain can mean many things and be done in many ways such as improving the picking processes, decreasing the processing time for shipping goods, improving ...
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How to motivate supply chain/logistics staff?

As with any other industry, it is important to keep staff motivated in supply chain and logistics. Motivating your employees helps create a climate of continuous improvement. Employee engagement should not be underestimated as it can have an impact on the general costs of the company. This is because it ...
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Inventory Management Efficiency

Inventory management is an important part of supply chain management. Inventory management can be very vaguely described as optimizing the inventory level between maximum and minimum acceptable levels for every SKU. The maximum stock is determined by the storage capacity of the warehouse and the supply requirements. The minimum stock ...
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