Globalior is maintained by a small team of expert global trade compliance professionals. The collective knowledge of all contributors includes mastery in trade compliance concepts in areas of tariff classification, Customs valuation, Free Trade Agreements, transfer pricing, supply chain vendor selection, vendor management, Customs audit readiness, Incoterms®, special Customs programs, export controls and industry-specific regulatory expertise.

Globalior aims to be the primary resource for trade compliance professionals and non-trade compliance professionals looking for practical guidance and knowledge in maintaining compliance in cross border activities.

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Bills of Lading: A Quick Guide

What is a Bill of Lading? A Bill of Lading is issued by carriers or their agents to the shipper of a consignment of goods as proof of receipt of goods for shipment and proof of contract of carriage. A Bill of Lading, or B/L is only used for ocean ...
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Customs Brokers Evaluation and Selection

Customs brokers are sometimes called other names such as Customs House agents, Declaring agents, Clearing agents, Declarants or Customs agents. They primarily provide importers and exporters with a service to prepare clearance documents and make submissions of entries to Customs authorities. Sometimes, Customs brokers also arrange for hauling cargo past ...
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