What does FCA in shipping terms mean?

FCA refers to one of the 11 Incoterms® 2020. This Incoterm can be used for any mode of transport. There are 2 main choices of delivery points in FCA:

  1. The seller’s warehouse
  2. Any other agreed place

FCA is short for “Free Carrier:

Who pays for freight in FCA?

The buyer will pay for carriage from the point of delivery.

Is there a difference between FCA and FOB?

FOB is short for Free On Board. FOB is an ocean or inland waterway transport term. Another important consideration is that FOB should only be used for non-containerized cargo. FCA can be used for all forms of cargo.

Are FCA and EXW the same?

No these are 2 different Incoterms. However, EXW and FCA are very similar. Under EXW the seller is not responsible for export clearance. Under FCA, the seller is responsible for clearing Customs at the origin country.

What is the main difference between FCA and DDP?

DDP is another Incoterm that differs significantly from FCA. Under DDP terms, the seller will also have to manage import clearance in the destination.

Where is delivery made under FCA (Seller’s warehouse)?

When delivery is made at the seller’s warehouse, it is only completed when the cargo is loaded onto the buyer’s collecting vehicle.

Can the Seller arrange for freight instead of the Buyer under FCA terms?

Yes. This can be done under FCA terms. The seller can agree to arrange for freight instead of the buyer.

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