Resources for Raising Corporate Trade Compliance Awareness

An important part of a trade compliance professional’s job is to improve the organization’s understanding and awareness of trade compliance concepts. This is important, because many individuals who can create or solve compliance issues often have no idea about basic concepts such as HS classifications, hand carry procedure requirements or export controls. While the trade compliance manager may see a small handful of documents during audit processes, the order processing team will see them everyday. With some educational outreach, the trade compliance professional effectively gains a pair of eyes and ears on the ground. For example, if a customer requests for HS codes to be changed on invoices, the order processing executive knows that HS codes cannot simply be changed without trade compliance first reviewing and approving the request.

These Global Trade Snippets have been prepared for trade compliance professionals to quickly share a few fast facts about various concepts to the larger audience in the company, by either publishing them on the company’s social media platform, disseminating through e-Newsletters or through email groups.

Download Incoterms Snippet

Download Import Export Permits Snippet

Download HS Classification Snippet

Download Hand Carry Procedures Snippet

Download Free Trade Agreements Snippet

Download Export Controls Snippet

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