The unprecedented events of 2020 forced many of us to radically adapt our personal and professional life to a new reality. At the same time, the economic and social impacts of the pandemic also ended up accelerating the digital reinvention projects of many companies.

In fact, in some countries, cloud infrastructure grew by more than 20%.

It is inevitable that companies operating in developed nations eventually turn to technology to help drive growth in logistics and supply chain management.

Digital acceleration offers promising opportunities in 3 main areas:

Open Hybrid Cloud will play a big role in the growth of enterprise IT

In today’s environment of uncertainty and rapid market changes, forward-looking companies are looking for solutions that make their business smarter and more responsive. However, while several companies have already digitized isolated aspects of their operations, many have not yet integrated different segments of the organization in a way that allows them to be more resilient and flexible. One of the main challenges for this is the inability of their systems to communicate with each other in other words, an enterprise-level platform is often lacking.

As companies began moving workloads to the cloud, they ended up creating many fragmented and proprietary cloud environments as very rarely is a company able to go digital with a “big bang”!

The pandemic has accelerated many companies to adopt cloud technologies, and the hybrid cloud has become a popular trend.

That’s why an open hybrid cloud platform is now the primary ally and facilitator to help businesses in this process of digital integration and reinvention.

The open hybrid cloud will redefine the way businesses operate and provide value. It will provide flexibility so they can balance the need to maintain some workloads on-premises or in a private cloud while leveraging the speed and flexibility of the public cloud.

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics with intelligent workflows will drive innovation

Automation and AI are at the top of today’s list of business leaders’ priorities. Especially in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic, automation of workflows and the application of intelligence in IT and business processes has become an urgent need for companies to remain competitive.

Companies are looking towards such technologies to handle all aspects of operations from HS classification to S&OP activities, order fulfillment, and even route planning for last-mile operations.

AI automation (of course if done right) will make all information-dependent jobs more productive, and smarter workflows, helping to improve the performance of professionals and businesses.

For the organization to make the most of this modern infrastructure, it is essential to prepare its information architecture, applying advanced analytics according to the level maturity of each business, so that your data can be used in the best way, in the current context of the business world with multi-cloud environments and artificial intelligence.

A partner-based ecosystem will be key to addressing the scale of digital reinvention

AI for business and the open hybrid cloud can only be as good as the ecosystem that supports them.

It is expected that by 2026, more than 70% of companies will review their relationships with suppliers, suppliers, and their partners to better execute digital strategies. The ecosystem will be critical to generating interoperability – which is the main benefit of platforms – and to deliver the value of the open hybrid cloud and AI strategy.

That’s why organizations need to strengthen their collective capacity, expanding their capacity for collaboration and co-creation in a broad industry approach allowing them to deliver the right value to end customers.

Technology companies must accompany customers from all industries in this transition process.

The extent of their success will only be determined by the strong commitment they can make to maximizing the value of the open hybrid cloud, accelerating AI adoption, and relying on the ecosystem as a winning partner to lead the era of digital reinvention.

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