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Enter product name with as much descriptive information as possible. The more information you provide about materials, functions and features - the more accurate our HS classification will be. Include a link to product image or specifications if available. Note: Due to high volume of requests received, we can only respond to requestors that provide complete product information.

A Note on HS Classification

HS Classification is a complex process that results in identifying the correct HS code for a product. From Customs authorities perspective, the HSN is equivalent to a product description and is ultimately used to determine import/export duties, Free Trade Agreement eligibility and licencing controls, among many other things. Hence, erroneous declarations of HS codes – whether knowingly or otherwise can result in heavy penalties and even in the loss of rights to import/export from a particular country. It is important for traders to properly use the 6 General Rules of Interpretation published by the World Customs Organization to classify their products correctly. However, using the GRIs correctly requires extensive practice and Customs authorities in different parts often have different interpretations of what the correct HS code for a product really is. If necessary, traders should hire a compliance professional or apply to Customs for a classification ruling, although not all countries accept ruling requests.

We have published several articles on to help traders understand how HS Classification should be done and included a simplified flow chart to guide traders with determining the HSN at least for simple products. Our articles explain the history and rules of classification, highlight some common bad practices and aim to educate the trader – at best to be able to classify products on his/her own or the very least to convince traders not to attempt to do so unless they really do know what they are doing! Our resources are listed below.

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We regularly publish articles aimed at improving trade compliance for all sizes of businesses. Subjects covered typically include HS Classification, Free Trade Agreements, licencing, Customs procedures, transfer pricing, export controls and valuation. This is by no means an exhaustive list! We generally aim to write in a style that is beneficial to non-compliance professionals. We are always keen to know what information our readers are looking for. If you have any topic suggestions or requests, please feel to reach out via our contact form. Rest assured all engagements will be treated with the strictest level of confidentiality.

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