The single most critical function of all goods warehouses – is to guard, protect control, and supply materials and products. However, over the years the concept of what makes a “good warehouse” has evolved drastically. Moreover, warehouse operations are becoming more complicated due to the increasing volume of goods being traded internationally.

To address the need for better inventory control within the 4 walls of warehouse operations, better and more modern warehouse management systems have emerged in recent years. These systems aim to streamline and optimize logistics processes without sacrificing the accuracy of operations.

What are warehouse management systems?

Warehouse management is a logistics process that covers the receipt and storage of products or materials within a warehouse until the time of its outbound shipment. The objective of a warehouse management system is to optimize these operations into a smooth process.

Warehouse management systems are software applications that support the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. By using them, you can centralize the execution and supervision of tasks, locate products, carry out stock control activities and manage the warehouse data, among many other things.

Originally, warehouse management systems only allowed for simple functionalities over storage location and inventory control. Over time, warehouse management applications have grown so complex and complicated that specialized trained personnel are needed to maintain them and manage them operationally.

There are different types of warehouse management systems that serve different purposes.

Why are warehouse management systems important?

Warehouse management systems are primarily designed for facilitating product storage. However, they also have the following benefits:

  • Reduce manual administrative tasks through automation
  • Improve the quality of products
  • Improve product integrity
  • Optimization of costs
  • Reduction in processing lead times

The correct implementation of a warehouse management system ensures improved speed of deliveries, reduced costs, and minimized handling and transport operations.

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