Letters of Assurance are documents that can be used for various reasons like quality purposes during the provision of services, or when shipping products. Let us at the purpose of a letter of assurance with regards to exports from the US.

In the context of US exports, one such situation where such a letter may be required when exporting technology controlled under restriction NS1. NS1 is broadly defined as any technology with national security concerns.

Who prepares the letter of assurance?

The ultimate consignee will have to prepare the letter of assurance.

What does it contain?

The LOA will contain statements that the ultimate consignee will not reexport the technology it is about to receive to countries in group D:1 and/or E:1, without first getting approval from BIS.

It must be mentioned that there is no mandatory template to follow for the letter. It is not a standard form.

It should contain the following information:

  1. Brief description of the technology or product
  2. Confirmation of the restrictions that apply to it
  3. Confirmation that the end-use of the product is not prohibited
  4. Acknowledgment of the controls on reexporting the technology

Access Globalior’s LOA template here.

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