We look at the latest Southeast Asian country situations in the face of Covid-19 as of today, 22 April 2020.

Covid-19 in Thailand

  • Thailand’s state of emergency is expected to be extended till end May. However, restrictions may be lifted partially in specific areas or for specific businesses
  • The government has introduced reduced the cost of utilities (electricity) for more than 20 millions home
  • The government is considering utility cost reductions for businesses
  • The daily number of reported cases is decreasing

Covid-19 in Myanmar

  • Very few cases have been reported in the country
  • Many restrictions have been lifted

Covid-19 in Singapore

  • Lock down has been extended to the 1st of June
  • Individuals are advised to leave the house only if necessary and for essential reasons
  • The list of essential services allowed to operate has been reduced
  • Dormitories for workers have been locked down

Covid-19 in Vietnam

  • Restrictions are being lifted in stages in most districts. This allows businesses to reopen
  • More government services will be offered online

Covid-19 in Philippines

  • The lock down in Philippines is expected to be extended

Covid-19 in Indonesia

  • The government has announced a ban on the practice of homecoming near the end of Ramadan. This will be enforced from the 7th of May.

Covid-19 in Malaysia

  • The number of cases have been decreasing but there are still doubts over whether the lock downs in place will end on April 28
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