Have you ever wondered how to ship products from your own home?

If you have many activities during their day and little free time left to go and drop off a shipment at the office of a courier company, did you know that there are ways to send off packages without leaving your home or office?

This is the first thing you should take into account is the type, size and volume of your shipment. When you are shipping a reasonably small package, you can do it with any express courier company such as: DHL, Fedex or UPS.

You also have to ensure that the product is not a controlled product for export or import. The courier you pick should be able to give you an idea of where to check it out.

If it is an article or object/s that has a large volume, such as furniture or a large quantity of a single product, then you may need to engage a transport company. Sometimes, even the express courier can handle it for you if you make a request early enough.

When shipping from home, it is also important to understand de minimis import entry requirements in importing and exporting countries!

Let’s look at how to do it step by step:

  1. Contact the company of your preference and ask them if they can do home collection of parcels and shipments. Alternatively, you can find this information on their website.
  2. If they do it, you will have to create an account with that company. You can usually do this via the Internet. You may need to indicate a payment method at this stage.
  3. Next, you will have to follow the shipping guide of the company. This will usually be made available to you when you try to request a pick-up. Usually it will involve printing a shipping label as well.
  4. Print the label and shipping instructions according to the instructions of the company and attach it to the package as they instruct. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself.
  5. Confirm the home pickup date and time. This can usually be done through the Internet. Give some allowance for the courier to be early or late.
  6. Wait for the courier to arrive, give him/her the package and he/she will scan the label and receive it.
  7. Your credit card or payment method will be charged.

A final note

Don’t forget to inform the receiver of the tracking number for the package. Some courier companies will do this for you. If you are shipping a larger shipment the process may be a little more complicated, but the company you engage will be able to advise you what needs to be done. However, to be safe, you need to clarify with the company if they provide door to door services including insuring the product and Customs clearance services. Ensure that the courier you use has a good record with last-mile delivery fulfillment!

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