On the 21st of April 2020, the Royal Malaysian Customs released a circular that instructed traders to re-appoint their Forwarding Agents through the uCustoms portal. This is in line with the RMC’s intention to have traders utilize the uCustoms portal, which is designed to provide a Single Window experience for traders and covers cargo clearance procedures. Re-appointments of forwarders through the system must be completed before the middle of May 2020 otherwise business continuity issues can be expected.

In order to appoint a forwarder, the importer must first know the forwarding company’s name and agent code.

How to re-appoint/appoint a forwarder in uCustoms?

  1. Type in the RMC’s URL to your browser: www.customs.gov.my
  2. Place mouse over the uCustoms logo and click
  3. Click on the uCustoms Signup option
  4. A pop-up window will appear
  5. Choose “New User Registration”
  6. Fill in the required fields
  7. Log in to uCustoms as a Trader
  8. Go to “Profile Management” in the top right hand corner of the screen
  9. Choose “Edit Profile”
  10. Click on “Agent Association”
  11. Click on the “+”
  12. Click on the “…” beside the “To Agent” field to browse the available agents
  13. A pop-up window will appear
  14. Search for the agent by typing the agent’s name in the “Organization Name” field
  15. Click on the agent’s name once you find it
  16. Click on “Create”
  17. Click on the matrix at the top right corner of the screen. This is the “Link Repository”.
  18. Choose “Associate Customs Station”
  19. Select the Customs stations you want to associate the agent to for your business
  20. Close on “Close”
  21. Now click on “Submit”
  22. The agent will now have to acknowledge the association and appointment

If you are need help with the system, you can reach out to Royal Malaysia Customs via the following channels:

  • Hotline : 1800-888-500
  • Email: uCustoms.voices@customs.gov.my
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